Gloria Nahalea

Executive Director

Gloria Napualani Kalamalamakailialoha Fujii Nahalea has shared over 40 years of teaching, performing, and choreographing Pacific Island dances locally and globally.  She embraces her aloha to the many different ethnicities and respect of others’ cultures who represent her "'ohana” (family).  In 1999 she was the recipient of the Washington State Governor’s Heritage Award for her outstanding contribution to the enrichment of the culture of Washington State.  She has been sought as a consultant in many other media such as radio and television programs, along with developing and designing educational curriculum for various programs and events along the I-5 corridor.  She continues to actively spread the Aloha Spirit through dance and song to everyone she meets.  


Bill Nahalea

Director of Marketing


Raised in Nanakuli Homestead Oahu and Kihei Maui Hawaii. He moved to Seattle in 1997.  Bill has a strong background in television, radio productions & programs, social media, video awareness platforms, and consumer & business branding. Consultant 

Media-Television-Radio-Events-Festivals Consultant (Online Television Show) (Podcast Radio Show)

Marketing Director -Sales-Promotions-Consumer Branding


Mission Statement:

Pacific 'Ohana Foundation helps perpetuate, preserve, and protect the rich culture of the Pacific Basin communities and the relationships among them.

Vision Statement:

To honor people’s cultural values to make this a better world for all. 

Located in, but not limited to, Port Orchard, Washington; we produce and promote awareness of programs and events with arts and literature, historical and archival, and health and lifestyle cultural content.

Family; blood or otherwise, co-workers, partners, customers, guests, we are all related and bound together and treat each other as such

Unity; regardless of our differences, we come together to find harmony, balance, and creative solutions

It's more than just a greeting or love, it is to treat others with friendliness and sincerity and to embrace them in warmth and unconditional love, that is the true spirit of aloha that we embody

Responsibility; like our elders did for us, we take care of them by staying true to their traditions and knowledge as we pass them on to the next generation

Care for; with every story, memory, chant, dance, party, event, we honor the people and culture it represents





5 Guiding Principles



Our Story

We are dedicated to preserving the past to teach the future by promoting programs of arts and literature, historical and archival, and health and lifestyle content of the South Pacific Basin communities. Founded by the elders of the Pacific Rim Basin native people, our main interest is in passing on our ancestors’ rich cultures, history, and genealogies

When our ancestors crossed the Pacific Ocean, they demonstrated their resilience, strength, perseverance, endurance, and ability to adapt to new environments worthy of their courageous voyaging adventures.  Their success in creating a new community relied on their sustainable farming and fishing methods, herbal medicinal practices, holistic conflict management for family and village community lifestyles, and expertise in hand crafting tools, daily used items, and wooden carvings.  Their success in continuing their legacy to the new generation relied on their capability to teach and pass on the skills and stories that helped them survive through oral history. 

We recognize that much of the rich heritage and cultural traditions of these ancestors are still alive today, and is inspired to do the same.  However, due to western influence of the written language and technological advancements, much of the rich oral history died with the passing of these ancestors.  That is why it is our goal to collect these stories and items while our elders are still around and pass them on through films, books, videos, audio recordings, artwork, and animations. 

So far, we have collected many stories from Washington located natives that share history with Hawaiians and connected with elders and friends from other Pacific Island communities.  We have also collected items such as: DVDs celebrating pioneer musicians and master crafters of music; instruments of native indigenous peoples such as the ukulele, Tahitian drums, and other Hawaiian musical instruments; rich natural costumes made from natural resources that are not manufactured; wooden carvings of canoes, paddles, masks, and artifacts.

However, collecting these valuable items and stories are only worth so much if there isn’t a place to preserve and share them with others.  We would like to connect with people and share their stories and culture as well as its own and we dream of doing so in a space like a museum or online library for global reach where we can showcase these items and host events or invite other story keepers to share their culture. 

We strive to engage and interact with the public through demonstrations of local and native artists and to provide opportunities for  cultural exchange through educational song and dance classes, skill workshops and boot camps, and events like traditional lu’au or canoe paddling excursions, just to name a few.  We hope that by doing these things the public will come to a mutual understanding of the past and we will honor our ancestor’s legacy and help contribute to today’s rich and diverse community's ability to make this world a better place to live.

These are big dreams and goals for a small non-profit organization, but with your kokua (help) we can reach our goals and dream even bigger. 

Mahalo for your interest in our organization.

Pacific 'Ohana Foundation Programs and Projects

  • 'Ukulele music classes and workshops

  • Cultural Workshops:

    • Royal kahili feather staff​

    • Traditional flower and fauna lei making

    • Tapa block printing

    • Lauhala weaving

  • 'Ohana day cultural sharing

  • Samoan dancing

  • Kanaka Legacy- Generational oral history

  • Aloha Makahiki Festival

  • Lu'au

  • Pineapple Jam Aloha Kids Camps

  • After school enrichment programs

    • 'Ukulele classes​

    • Hula for health

    • Language classes

  • Western Washington and University of Washington Dance and cultural outreach classes

  • College Club Lu'au

    • St. Martins​ University

    • University of Puget Sound

  • Lakefair- scholarship benefit for:

    • Shriners Travel Fund

    • Ho'ola Na Pua- Home with comprehensive therapeutic service for female underage victims rescued from human trafficking


To see more check out our events page


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